7 Creative Ways To Dodge Bed Bug Bites

It’s not easy to avoid getting bed bug bites. The critters are inconspicuous and are master anesthesiologists that they can bite without even a hint of pain in the host’s skin. Many experts say that the only absolute answer to the bites is to exterminate the pest completely. This is entirely true, but for someone who doesn’t have the resources to avail a service, some creative hacks in dodging the bites would be a great help.

Transferring into another room could be an effective solution but it’s only worthwhile until the bugs finally traced your tracks. Bed bugs are attracted to body heat and carbon dioxide so they will just follow you to another room. Inadvertently, you also became a suspect in the spread of the infestation on your house.

Don’t fret as there are many other ways that you can dodge the bites (at least for a night) until you have the resources to hire a professional exterminator. Check these points and let us know which one works for you.

1. Tuck yourself tight

Many household owners who experienced an infestation before says that if you tuck yourself tight under the sheets, you’ll have less risk of being bitten by the bugs. Of course, this isn’t an absolute answer because you’ll move when you’re asleep and the sheets would be unwrapped from your body.

The other option you have is to get a sleeping bag. This is an absolute wrap on your body, leaving only your face exposed. The downside here is that the bugs will spare your body but it might concentrate on your face. Such an unimaginable scenario, right? Still, trying this will make a difference if paired with other methods here.

2. Avoid getting bed bug bites by covering your skin

If you’re in doubt about the sleeping bag technique and you just can’t make the ‘tuck tight’ work for you, cover your skin well. You can wear tight leggings and long-sleeve shirts with tight fits to reduce the parts of the skin that the bug could feed on. However, this might be a tough choice during summer or if you have difficulty sleeping with too much fabric on.

But if you’re desperate to at least survive the night without being the subject of itchy bites by morning, this is the one I will suggest. The best fabric would be silk or anything that’s very smooth so the bugs would find it hard to climb.

avoid getting bed bug bites

3. Try using silk sheets

The result of this method is varying among users. The idea comes from the fact that bed bugs can’t crawl on very smooth surfaces as they tend to slip. Since silk is a very smooth material, it’s safe to say that there’s truth to this trick. Replacing your sheets with silk can help in dodging a few lines of bites but I suggest that you pair it with other methods here for the best results.

You can actually try a silk sleeping bag if you’re into experimenting methods to avoid the itchy bites, Just keep in mind that this doesn’t promise a 100% bite-free result if you want to avoid getting bed bug bites.

4. Use encasements

If you’re not into some experimentation, try the proven method of using the bed and pillow encasements. These fabric cases would prevent the hiding bugs to go into the surface level and bite you. Also, the encasement is made of micro zippers that will prevent any possible entryway of the bugs.

Once you’re done blocking the bugs already hiding on your bed, you should now place traps on each foot of your bed to block any critters that are climbing from outside your cot. You should also keep a small space between your headboard and the wall where the bugs could crawl in case they can’t access your body through the feet of the bed.

5. Essential oils are the answer

Another trick that many households swear by is the use of essential oils in the skin. The likes of lavender, neem, clove, and eucalyptus oil have very strong scents that bedbugs find pungent. Just keep in mind that some of these essentials could be concentrates and your skin might get irritated in the application. For a milder method, you can use a few drops of these oils while you launder your sheets and clothes.

Lavender lotions also have high potential if you want to avoid getting bed bug bites. If you want, you can place a few drops of orange oil on the baseboards and feet of the bed but this wouldn’t discourage the bugs that are already at the seams of your mattress.

avoid getting bed bug bites

6. Dry ice for a trap

Bed bugs are attracted to humans because of the carbon dioxide the body produces. If you want to trick the bloodsuckers into a seeming host, place a small chunk of dry ice in a dog dish. The smoke-like substance it produces is rich in carbon dioxide that will attract the bugs. Once the critters step on the cold matter, they wouldn’t have the chance to step back.

You can use this effective hack in multiple spots of your room. Just remember that the bugs harboring on your mattress are unlikely to go down and seek the trap. It’s still important that you pair this dry ice trap with another method listed here.

7. Scatter eucalyptus leaves

Like its oil, eucalyptus leaves have very strong scent along with neem leaves. If you want to have higher “survival” rates, you can scatter these leaves around your bed to discourage the bugs from getting near. In case your doggo is also being bothered by the bloodsuckers, you can also place some in their sleeping area.

If you want to avoid getting bed bug bites prior to extermination, you should know some tricky ways to evade the pest. You can try any of those listed here. There’s no risk in trying and you might actually discover a method that works for you. Do you have any personal suggestions? Share it with us!