Planning To Call For Professional Help? Here’s The Average Cost Of A Bed Bug Extermination

Bed bug extermination being too pricey isn’t an absolute fact. It might be true for national companies whose services are paired with hefty price tags but small-time exterminators could actually do the job for a lower price. The bed bugs extermination average cost range from $500 to $1,500 depending on the scale of the infestation and the treatment the technicians will use.

If ever you already decided to let the professional do the job, which you should have done earlier, one of the things to check is their rates. Each company has varying prices and it’s up to you to decide which one you’ll avail. Anyway, who doesn’t want affordable rates?

But before you sign up for the cheapest find in town, take note that quality should be a key player here. Inquire first about the treatment methods they can offer and see which one will suit your household. Some prefer a non-chemical bed bug treatment but those who seek a potent kill would also explore pesticide options. Your preferred exterminator would advise about this.

But how much would it exactly cost you? Here, we’ll discuss the usual rates from famous approaches as well as the factors that will affect it.

Pre-treatment inspection

A decent pest control company would know that pre-treatment inspection is the first step in dealing with an infestation. During this process, the personnel would look for the harborage of the pest and assess the extent of the damage. If the house is located somewhere near a lake or river, they might rule out the use of chemicals.

Bed bug inspection would vary in price depending on the method that will be used. Sniffing dogs are utilized in some cases as long as the company has access to one. Canine inspection range from $300 to $600 but it can get higher if more than one canine would be deployed to sniff through the house. You might already have an idea about bed bugs extermination average cost at this point.

bed bugs extermination average cost

Typically, visual inspection by exterminators would only cost you about $50 to $100. This method is also efficient but if the bugs have been infesting for long, the help of a furry friend might be needed.

Clearing of the area

In the event that you choose the fumigation method, you’ll be forced to leave the house for a couple of days. If you don’t have another house or a place to stay for free, you’ll have to pay for hotel bills. This would indirectly add up to the expenses you’ll have to shoulder for the whole treatment process.

In rare cases, the exterminators might also ask you to remove some pieces of furniture or appliances. You’ll need to rent a trailer to transport these things or pay for temporary storage space.



This approach is the usual resort for infestations due to the residual effect of chemicals that will cover the property for a few more months after the initial extermination. It’s the in-between choice for those who are on a budget as it’s not really expensive but not the cheapest either. Most exterminators would charge you depending on the type of chemical you’ll request as well the size of your house per square or linear foot. Based on customer feedback, bed bugs extermination average cost for chemical treatments could be as low as $500.


Of all the treatment options for bed bugs, fumigation is the most expensive. It can range from $1,200 to $2,500 for a house with an average of 1,250 square foot. If your property is bigger, expect that the price will be higher.

Fumigation includes the sealing of the property using large tents and then the release of potent pesticide gasses. The gas is so potent that it can kill plants and pets. It’s also harmful to humans as the gas may cause skin and respiratory issues.

You’ll have to leave your house for about three days to finish this treatment. The exterminators have to wait until the gas particles settle and kill the critters.


If you want a non-toxic option where you can go back to your house after a few hours, the heat treatment would be for you. However, it’s more expensive than the chemical treatment and probably the fumigation too as it starts at $1,500 for an average house. The larger the area, the more heaters and fans that will be needed to be used. This means higher bed bugs extermination average cost.

Heat method can give efficient results as the temperature can seep through the most hidden cracks inside the house. The important detail here is to seal any exit points that may cause the bugs to run away and reinfest days after. Heat treatments don’t have residual effects and it’s only as good as it is during the first session.


bed bugs extermination average cost

To cut the extermination cost, it’s important that you detect the infestation even before it spreads to multiple rooms in the property. Bed bugs can reproduce fast in just a few months and if you don’t act right away, you’ll be faced with hefty bills.

Another factor that will change the cost of the extermination is the company you’re hiring. Is it a national or a local company? Most of the time, local exterminators offer low rates as they spend less on logistics and they don’t milk money on branding. But not to discount the quality national companies are known for, there’s an advantage in shelling out a few hundred more bucks.

The number of furniture inside your property would also make a dent in the price. Bed bugs hide in furniture crevices and the exterminator might charge extra fees for every piece of furniture that they will treat. This isn’t always the case but it’s better that you’re ready financially.

The bed bugs extermination average cost lies on the extent of damage as well as the type of treatment you’re going to avail. The company you’re hiring would also have a certain rate matrix that will dictate the expenses you have to pay. What do you think of this? Discuss your thoughts with us!