8 Commercial Pesticide Options That Will Eliminate The Bed Bugs For Good

If you’re tired of the bites or you want to prevent the bugs even before they crawl into your skin, you’re reading the right post. Extermination is the only way to eliminate the pest out of your hold and the best way to get rid of bed bugs for good is to administer an effective pesticide. Pest control agents come in different forms like powders, sprays, and concentrates where each has a promise of killing the pest.

On this post, I’ll give you eight of the tried and tested products that you can purchase from the nearest department store.

1. Eco Raider Bed Bug Killer

One thing that makes the Eco Raider a top choice for households is its ability to kill the whole colony from the eggs up to the adult bugs. Unlike other abrasive chemicals, Eco Raider Bed Bug Killer isn’t literally categorized as a pesticide because it’s a botanical-based insect killer. This is one of the leading bed bug sprays in the U.S. and a study proved its 100% mortality rate turn out on bed bugs. What’s more is that the USDA cleared this to be dermatologically safe for pets and everyone in the household.

The plant-extracted ingredients of Eco Raider are safe for humans, but when it comes to bugs, it’s a lethal potion. The substance will target a special neuron receptor that will induce paralysis and eventual death.  Even resistant bugs wouldn’t stand a chance on this spray.

best way to get rid of bed bugs for good

The residual effect of this spray is up to two weeks even after the initial application has dried out.  You can spray this directly to affected bedding and mattress as well as the box spring of the bed. Let it dry and you can sleep on it right away.

2. Bed Bug Killer Eco-Defense

Like the Eco Raider, the Eco-Defense Bed Bug Killer vies to be the best way to get rid of bed bugs for good. It can also kill bugs from eggs to adults and the bonus part is it can also repel rodent pests. The spray has a colorless and almost scentless characteristic that you can apply directly on beds, pillows, mattresses, sofa, and basically any object that could be infested.

As much as the manufacturers claim that it’s an all-natural product, it has synthetic ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate. The active ingredients, though, are natural but it’s not as absolute as the Eco Raider.

The takeaway with Eco-Defense is it does what it advertises. It gives an instant killer effect when applied to bed bug infested materials. However, there are also varying results when the spray didn’t seem to work on eliminating the pest. Try this one with other pesticides and you can yield more positive results. It’s a small bottle so it won’t cost you much to try it out.

3. Temprid SC Killer

If you want to target many pests in one treatment, the Temprid SC is the best choice. This is a mixture of two powerful insecticides called imidacloprid and beta-cyfluthrin that can kill up to 50 different insect pests. You can either get this as a spray or a concentrate if you’re dealing with a massive infestation. Just take note that neither of these two forms can be sprayed directly on fabric or any furniture that has soft cushions. It’s made for application on joints, box spring, seams, cabinets, shelves, and any surfaces that you don’t usually have direct contact. Still, it’s the best way to get rid of bed bugs for good.

Unlike the first two sprays, Temprid SC has a long residual effect of six months. It gives a lethal and instant kick on the bed bugs while covering your property for the next few months after it dried up. The spray should only be used once a week while the concentration should be used as a one-time treatment solution. For the spray, two to three applications would be sufficient to remove a small infestation.

4. Bed Bug Killer Patrol

Opting for a non-toxic pesticide is the common choice for households who want to avoid the harm of synthetic chemicals. The Bed Bug Killer Patrol has clove oil and peppermint extracts among its other natural ingredients that will kill the bugs upon contact. It may sound like a downside but the kill-upon-contact effect of this spray is proven to be better than other commercial options. It yields about 92% success rate in a matter of 10 days.

The spray takes time to take effect but it’s safe to spray on mattresses and other fabric on which you have regular contact. Its effectiveness is under varying reviews as some users say that it works as advertised while others claim that it can only kill a handful upon spraying directly to its bodies.

This has a peppermint scent that isn’t too overpowering. But if you want to retain the smell of your sheets, this one might not be your best bet. Anyway, if we’re talking about the pesticidal effect, this is the best way to get rid of bed bugs for good.

5. Harris Bed Bug Killer

With what users called an “instant death”, the Harris Bed Bug Killer is a popular household choice together with diatomaceous powder. This is a contact killer like Bed Bug Patrol so it will be a challenge to exterminate bugs hiding in the tiny crevices of houses and furniture. The Harris Bug Killer can kill eggs but like eliminating the adult ones, it should be in direct contact.

This spray has a residual effect that can coat certain materials for a longer period of time after the first application has dried out. It doesn’t leave stains on wood and it can act as a repellent from future infestations. Aside from bugs, this can also kill roaches without posing any harm to pets or anyone in the property including kids.

best way to get rid of bed bugs for good

Harris Bed Bug Killer is odorless but during massive applications, you may need to open the windows to let the chemical scent die out. The downside to this is that improper application could cause the bugs to develop resistance over time.

6. Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

If you decided to rule out any chemical option as the best way to get rid of bed bugs for good, the diatomaceous earth is the safest bet. It’s widely used on households but you should be careful in purchasing this as there’s a separate DE for bed bugs and the one used in cleaning swimming pools.

One thing that makes DE a good choice is it’s safe to use even in food preparation areas. When the bugs came in contact with even the smallest particle of the dust, it will slowly dry out. Some bugs can even spread the dust to the colony that results in higher mortality rates.

As much as it’s effective, the application of the diatomaceous earth could be tricky. You should sprinkle this on edges, not on very exposed and visible spots. Applying some on the box spring of the bed would also be a wise move as this is where a large population of the bugs is hiding. You can also apply a thin coat on mattresses, carpets, and sofas to cover more possible hideouts and pathways.

7. Permethrin

Permethrin belongs to the family of Pyrethroids that is the synthetic version of the potent Pyrethrin. This strong pesticide is harsh on insects but it’s relatively safe for humans. Permethrin can come in liquid or powder form that is safe to apply on clothes, mattresses, and other fabric materials. This doesn’t stain or leave a strong odor and it can be effective even under intense heat, moisture, and light.

Insects like bugs, mosquitoes, and ticks will fall off the moment they come in contact with the Permethrin substance. It targets the nervous system, disrupts its functions, and killing the pest almost in an instant. Indeed, it’s the best way to get rid of bed bugs for good.

Most Permethrin products aren’t safe to use on skin as some users developed irritations and other health issues. Nevertheless, there are special formulations that can be applied directly to the dogs’ coat. Before using any of these on your pet, consult a veterinarian and avoid applying if you have a puppy less than 12 weeks of age.

8. Hydroprene

Hydroprene is an example of Insect Growth Regulators and the only one licensed for bed bug extermination. This product could come in aerosol sprays or concentrates that can be diluted on water and transferred to a hand-pressurized applicator. Spray it on walls and bed area but not directly on the fabric. The bed bugs have no tendencies to develop resistance to this substance as it works in altering their life cycle.

Instead of killing the bugs, this would hinder them from maturing. The nymphs would fail to grow into adults so the reproduction of the colony would slow down. This would slowly kill the surviving bugs and eggs until the entire population is eradicated. It may take some time to see drastic results but this is the best way to get rid of bed bugs for good through its reproduction aspect.

The hard part of using IGRs is the application. Improper use of this would likely fail to kill bugs or pose harm to humans. Keep the children and pets away if you’re using Hydroprene.

The best way to get rid of bed bugs for good is to use the right pesticides in the proper way. All those I listed here are effective given appropriate application. It’s up to you to choose which one you think will work in your household. Do you have something in mind? Share it with us!