9 Considerations On Hiring An Exterminator That You Should Weigh First

Hiring an exterminator to eradicate the bugs could be a challenge if you haven’t dealt with an infestation before. Knowing how to hire a bed bug exterminator is important if you want to protect your potential money and to ensure that the pest would be removed up to the last bit. Before signing the contract, you should consider some aspects first.

The common mistake of homeowners is signing a deal with the very first company they encounter. It could be a time-saving move but it could also be the start of the hit-and-miss journey of freeing your household of bugs.

Doing your research

Due to the massive infestations occurring in the country, many pest control companies would offer a service to eliminate the pest. The key to finding the best one is to do a quick research. Read the reviews of their past customers as well as suggestions from your family or friends. Most likely, the local exterminators would have a website or published contact number to make your inquiries.

Never hire the first pest control company that you’ll see. Always check for the following aspects before signing the deal.


Sure thing, you can get a company that promises to provide you a foolproof treatment approach to remove the bugs. But the only thing that can prove this is their experience in the industry. The safest bet is a company that’s been doing bed bug and other insect pest control services for 5-10 years. This is so you have an assurance that they have enough experience in dealing with different kind of infestations. So how to hire a bed bug exterminator? Experience is a priority.

It’s enough that they have the equipment and the list of available chemicals. Always inquire about their past services where they use such chemicals.

how to hire a bed bug exterminator

Customer service and consultative approach

Pest extermination is teamwork between the homeowner and the exterminator. With that, the pest control company should be amenable to accommodating your questions as well as bringing up their concerns about the treatment.

You’ll know that you’re on the right hands if the exterminators are also asking questions. This means that they are concerned about the details of the infestation and they are keen on protecting the household against the abrasive chemicals. The service provider should communicate with you about the details of the possible contract or how the treatment will go.

How to hire a bed bug exterminator? Inspection first

Don’t be blind to the infestation happening in your home. If you’re availing treatment, always ask for a full inspection and report first. This is so you’re also knowledgeable about the extent of the pest’s presence as well as the possible rate that might be charged to you.

Extermination starts with the diagnosis of the problem. Expect that the pest control personnel would ask for a pre-treatment inspection before they discuss the treatment. Remember, availing their inspection service doesn’t mean you’re already tied to sign a treatment contract.

NPMA affiliation

A pest control company affiliated with the National Pest Management Association is likely to follow certain standards of their service. The NPMA has drafted guidelines for best practices in terms of providing the mentioned service to homeowners. If a company is a member of the association, they are required to comply with the standards. So what does this means to you? Added security and peace of mind.

It will also be a wise move to check if the company is certified by the EPA and if the personnel is only using chemicals approved by the same agency. This is how to hire a bed bug exterminator with less risk.


The most common licenses to look for is the business license, permit to operate, EPA certification, permit from the agricultural department if it applies, and other documentation that will prove that the company is legitimately running its business. This would also protect you from possible damages that may happen during the treatment.

If you want added assurance, you can look for a company that offers liability assurance in case the property acquired damage during the treatment. Most likely, it would also include the guarantee of repeating the treatment if the initial session failed to exterminate the bugs.

how to hire a bed bug exterminator

Types of treatments offered

Bed bug infestations aren’t made equal, therefore each one would need a different treatment approach. Check if the company has tailored approaches for different locations and property setup. Most of the time, homeowners would opt for a chemical-free treatment to reduce the harm it can cause the kids and the pets.

Always ask questions and if possible, ask for a list of their treatment approaches so you can compare it with other companies in your shortlist.

Contract policies

If you’re already planning to hire the company you’re communicating with, don’t forget to inspect the contract before signing. It should include the basic details about the company, when should the work be completed, chemicals to be used, future inspections and further treatments, and more. If the company offers insurance, this should also be clearly stated together with the terms of cancellation, and arbitration clauses. The price and guarantee would be staples on the contract too. Make sure that you read every section of the contract to avoid encountering legal issues in the future.

Service rate

Usually, the price is the main deciding factor when hiring an exterminator. Keep in mind that national and big companies would have hefty rates as they would have to spend on logistics not to mention the branding that may affect the price. Like most insect pest treatments, bed bug extermination should be priced per foot and not by the gallon of pesticides that will be used. This would prevent you from getting ripped off.

Knowing how to hire a bed bug exterminator would be the answer to the extermination you’re facing. As much as home remedies work, massive infestations would need the approach of professionals. This is to yield higher success rates and to eliminate the pest for good. Do you have thoughts about this? Share it with us!