How To Recover From A Bed Bug Problem: Life After The Infestation

Once every single bug is exterminated, the only thing left is the psychological and physical trauma the critters caused. Knowing how to recover from bed bugs could be a hard task especially for those who are plagued for a long time and have been on the verge of anxiety and chronic insomnia. The emotional turmoil that household occupants might have been experiencing should be addressed as quickly as possible.

Some seek medical help while others try to cope with the paranoia personally. But if the person has parasitosis or more serious mental problems, it’s best that he undergo intensive therapy.

Every infestation is different from the other so is the effect that it will bring to the host. If you’ve just freed your property of the critters, here are some ways that you can deal with the emotional, mental, and physical damage.

Think positive

Talking to yourself about positive things is a way on how to recover from bed bugs especially for those suffering from paranoia over the pest. Think of the possible things you can do instead of obsessing over the bugs. This might be easier said than done but whenever the thoughts of the critters surface, try to recall fond memories of your family or friends.

Doing this might help a bit in easing anxiety attacks and obsession. It also helps to approach the psychological problem in a positive mindset. Always think that it’s normal that people experience trauma over an infestation and it can be treated in time. Giving your mind a break from the bed bug thoughts would help a lot especially if you’re undergoing therapy.

how to recover from bed bugs

You have someone to help you out

Never think that you’re alone on this problem as there are exterminators, medical experts, and friends that can help you. You just have to reach out and talk by telling them how you feel and what you’re thinking. These people would surely come up with methods that you can practice to alleviate the stress, anxiety, or any emotional burden the infestation caused you.

If you’re constantly feeling that you have to remove bugs from your skin or you feel the need to cut yourself, seek the help of a medical expert right away. You might be suffering from delusional parasitosis or the Ekbom Syndrome. These mental conditions happen when a person experienced pest trauma that they feel like the bugs are already inside their skin.

Distract yourself

Your thoughts are your number one enemies after a massive infestation. Some people continue to obsess about cleaning their houses with the fear that the bugs would resurge. Meanwhile, other people succumb to anxiety and depression due to lack of help from family and friends. If you’re starting to feel something is getting out of hand, list down the things that will make you busy day by day. This is so you can distract your mind from the things that remind you of the pest. If you want, you can get out of the house and unwind, join a group, or start gardening as a way on how to recover from bed bugs. Whatever activity that will take your thoughts off of the pest problem would help.

Just keep in mind that distracting yourself from the problem is different from neglecting your household.

Revamp your home

Once the exterminators cleared your house of the pest, ask them if you could already move things around. Revamping the interior design of your house would help in giving that ‘starting fresh’ vibe. Changing the placement of furnishings and decors would also help to remove the reminders of an infestation. If the couch near the window is your greatest fear before, you might want to re-upholster it and bring it closer to your room.

Changing how the things look without actually buying new stuff could be an activity to distract yourself. However, I discourage that you do this if you have the obsession with cleaning the house because of delusional parasitosis.

If you want, you can tag along with some friends for a total change in your house’s interior design.

Seek medical help

You are never alone. And one proof to that is the medical experts that are ready to listen and treat you physically and mentally. Bed bug bites could be the most superficial damage, but if people start to keep distance with the fear of infection, it’s best to have it treated. That’s added confidence and relief on your part.

In case of anxiety and other mental related conditions, never hesitate to call a psychiatrist to address the problem. They can give your anti-depressants or recommend therapy sessions as ways on how to recover from bed bugs.

how to recover from bed bugs

Some Zen therapists might help by teaching you some meditation and breathing techniques. It’s up to you to choose which one works for you best. Anyway, it always pays to consult an expert to ensure that you’re in good hands.

Don’t jump to conclusions

Does your skin suddenly feel itchy? As much as possible, avoid jumping to conclusion that it’s a bed bug attack. It might be a mosquito bite or irritation from the creams you’re using.

It’s understandable that anxiety and panic attacks are uncontrollable, and if you start feeling the onset of the emotional whirlwind, never think twice to give a friend a ring. Sometimes, talking to another person would help in easing the anxiety. You can also practice breathing patterns to calm you down a bit.

It pays to have a ‘drill’ whenever you’re starting to think of the infestation. Scanning through your phone would help as well as listening to your favorite music.

Knowing how to recover from bed bugs starts from realizing that you’re not alone in this fight. The critters might have taken over your life and property at some point, but you can surely beat the trauma and start fresh. This condition happens in real life and it’s not a laughing matter. If you’re trying to cope up, we’re here to help you out.