Launch Your Ruthless Bed Bug Revenge Using Ultrasonic Devices

You can’t see them but that doesn’t mean that you can’t give the pest a kick in their system. In a previous post, I talked about the 7 creative ways to dodge bed bug bites but it seems that I forgot one important method: using ultrasonic repellent for bed bugs. There is so much craze about these products since it promises a non-toxic and effortless way of sending the critters away. You just plug it in and your sleeping area has an invisible shield. Well, that’s for some products that actually do the job.

Ultrasonic bed bug repeller reviews

Several tests have varying results about the efficacy of these electronic solutions. Some products yield no result but others showed promising progress. It’s safe to say that these ultrasonic sounds could possibly drive the pest away just like the same way they are attracted to human sounds like breathing or yawning. All it takes is the right combination of sounds to make the device work. That’s a quite a task especially for manufacturers that seem to ride the trivial part of pest control.

There’s no risk in trying these products and if you’re planning to purchase one, here are some that I personally recommend.  Many other households have benefited from these already.

CraveGreens Ultrasonic Pest Control Plug-In Device

If you have a bad case of pest infestation including bed bugs, roaches, and other insects, you’ll love to get the CraveGreens Ultrasonic Pest Control Plug-In Device. This uses ultrasonic sounds and electromagnetism to produce a pest-repelling effect without posing any harm to your kids and pets. The inaudible sound, at least for humans, this produces is annoying for the pest. If you want to launch your revenge over the pesky bites, this might be the best weapon.

ultrasonic repellent for bed bugs

You can observe results from this after three weeks, and if ever it failed to address the pest, the manufacturer will give a full refund. That’s such a low-risk purchase and a good way to experiment other methods of eliminating the critters.

If you want to get more results, it’s best to get the four pack version of this ultrasonic repellent for bed bugs so you can place one in every room. Ultrasonic sounds are short-wave sounds and it can’t pass through walls or thick furniture.

Parents who are worried about their little ones getting bitten with the pest would also find this as a heaven-sent product. It can be plugged into the baby’s room without any health concerns. This is better than treating your house with commercial pesticides that babies can easily inhale.

In case you have bug issues in the garden, you can purchase more and plug some outside. For less than 15 bucks, this is to die for if you’re tired of swelling skin.

SavHome Upgraded Pest Repeller Device

If you want a customizable device for every pest, the SavHome Upgraded Pest Repeller Device will pique your buying attention through its multiple frequencies. The two-pack device can cover up to 1,600 sq.ft. given that there are no massive obstructions that will halt the sound waves. Like the CraveGreens, you just have to plug this in a socket at least 80 cm off the floor. There should be no curtains or carpets on the spot where you’re going to plug it in. SavHome is a dual voltage device that you can plug both on 110 and 220V outputs.

The frequency of this ultrasonic repellent for bed bugs ranges from 50Hz to 60Hz that the pests like rodents, bugs, fleas, mosquitoes, spiders, and more will find highly irritating. During the first days, you might observe a sudden outburst of the pest but this is normal as they are trying to seek a quieter place. And with SavHome working, that place isn’t your home.

ultrasonic repellent for bed bugs

This device has a built-in night light that will attract pests to go near only to be shocked with a wave of sounds. Make sure that you place these on multiple spots of your house to avoid the pest from just transferring to another room or staying in the basement.

It’s also affordable like the CraveGreens but it doesn’t offer the same warranty. Anyway, it specifies that it’s for bed bug use so that’s added assurance on your part.

Rilir Professional Ultrasonic Device

For better coverage, you might want to consider the Rilir Professional Ultrasonic Device that gives a 360-degree anthelmintic effect. It can work 24/7 without overheating as it’s equipped with a heat dissipating back part. Each device can cover up to 1,600 sq.ft. of the home area but keep in mind that this is only a one-pack product so you might as well buy several sets to get your whole house covered.

Like most ultrasonic repellent for bed bugs, Rilir doesn’t leave any dead bodies of insects. This will spare you from cleaning or allergic reactions. But one thing to remember is that you should avoid using this if you have a hamster pet. The sound frequency could disrupt the animal’s system. Hamsters are rodents, and like rats, they ultrasonic sounds would also send them in a state of frenzy.

To make this work, make sure to place this at least 120 cm from the floor in an environment not exceeding 40C. So if you’re planning to have a heat treatment for the pest, make sure to remove all these devices on your house first.  Avoid curtains and carpets too when you’re installing this. Such materials can disrupt the acoustics of the device.

ultrasonic repellent for bed bugs

For about $10, this is a good start to repel the pesky bugs. Still, make sure that use it in multiple numbers.

The use of ultrasonic repellent for bed bugs is typical among households. It’s the best choice for those who opt for a chemical-free method of controlling the pest. However, it’s important to note that it’s not the absolute answer to an infestation. You will only drive away the bugs from your house only to re-infest when your devices are down. Together with other means of extermination, these devices would be great complementary equipment.