Where Do Bed Bugs Come From? Here Are 8 Pest Sources That You’re Guilty Of Doing

Bed bugs are known to be very tiny but one thing that most homeowners ask is, where do bed bugs come from? It’s sometimes perplexing how the pest had penetrated your house considering that you maintain cleanliness at all times. The next thing you know is you’re peppered with itchy bites and you’re bound to have sleepless nights if the situation isn’t treated right away.

The question begs for answers and so this list is created.

1. Unpacking your luggage on your bed

So you went home from a vacation or business trip, tossed your luggage on the bed, and you start digging on the clothes and stuff that you have. Without your knowledge, bed bugs who hitched on your bags are also alighting to their next harborage: your home. This pest is excellent hitchhikers that they can transfer from country to country by hiding on the seams of a luggage.

But how come that you got bugs? You stayed in a clean hotel with the most squeaky-clean façade, but I have to break this news, bed bug infestations have nothing to do with sanitation. So where do bed bugs come from? It might from those comfy beds in a five-star resort.

2. Sitting in the theater seats

A two-hour comedy flick would send you giggling on the theater seat. But as much as you’re having fun, the bed bugs are also enjoying a great drink of your blood. Bed bugs could harbor temporarily on places like theater seats before lingering on a moviegoer’s clothes. This will then be spread on the place where the host lives or the next destination the person would visit.

Sitting on theater seats are unavoidable especially if you’re on a date or you have a family bonding weekend. What you can do is to treat your clothes first with tea tree oil while laundering it.

where do bed bugs come from

3. Long rides on taxis and buses

Is the traffic killing you? Well, some beings are actually taking this opportunity to crawl on your clothes and bags for another harborage. Buses and trains could also be the source of bed bugs as most of the time, trips here are longer and the bugs have the time to find a suitable seam to use as a hideout.

Like what you can do before going to the theater, curing your clothes would be a good step on cutting the risk of bringing bugs into your home. You can also keep a few lavender leaves in your pockets to ward off the pest.

4. Where do bed bugs come from? Sleeping in someone else’s house

In an infestation, the majority of the bed bugs’ population harbor on the bed’s box spring, mattresses, and headboard. If you sleep in a house infested with these bugs, you have the risk of acquiring bed bugs and bringing it to your home. Like what I said, bed bugs can cling to the clothes and since you have no idea that there’s something in there, you’re going to lie down on your bed again or just toss the shirt on the floor. Voila, the bugs are free to crawl off the fabric and stay in your bed.

5. Bringing in second-hand beds and mattresses

Bed bugs are tiny and it can hide in cracks and crevices. And what are the things that have the most crevices? Pieces of furniture are one of the most favorite hideouts of bugs since it has small cracks that are suitable for harborage. The likes of closets and nightstands are also good options for the pest since some parts of it are hidden and dark.

As much as possible, avoid buying second-hand mattresses. If you’re accepting it as a hand-me-down gift, see to it that you steam clean it first if possible. Washing it with hot water would also help.

where do bed bugs come from

6. Where do bed bugs come from? Borrowing books

This pest love to lay their eggs on rough surfaces as these are easier to climb and their seeds stick to it really well. One of the innocent looking examples is a book. Once put on the shelf, the bugs could climb and harbor within the pages or seams. Bringing it home would be an instant and effortless way for the bed bugs to start another infestation.

You can examine the books first and if you see rice-like grains, it’s possible that those are bed bug eggs. Library books are the most notorious as you don’t know how many houses the paperbacks had visited.

7. You’re living adjacent to an infested apartment

One of the daunting facts about bed bug is that it can sense human body heat, breath chemicals, and carbon dioxide. This means that the pest will continue crawling to find more hosts to suck blood from. if you’re living in an apartment building, you should prepare yourself for at least one insect infestation. It could be bugs, mites, roaches, or more.

Actually, bed bugs can infest a hotel room then spread to the whole floor. This is also the case with apartment buildings. If you want to be sure, administer a few prevention methods.

8. Borrowing clothes

Aside from the usual beds and mattresses, bed bugs could also harbor in the closet where clothes are stored. If you borrowed clothes from someone who has an infested house, there’s a chance that you’ll acquire an infestation. The nymphs might have hitched on the seams of the shirt or pants and you’re going to bring it home for sure.

Like going to the theater, it’s sometimes unavoidable to borrow some stuff from a friend or family member if you have to stay the night.

Where do bed bugs come from? These eight ways are just some of the possibilities that may lead bed bugs to invade your house. Some are unavoidable while others can simply be skipped to cut the risk of having an infestation at home. Do you have some thought about this? Let’s discuss it in the comment section!